Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Noble Leadership Institute we instill values of leadership aimed at advancing the workplace. Diversity, equity and inclusion remain at the core of what we view as the future of the professional world.

Lynette Noble, CEO and Founder of Noble Leadership Institute spent years working in corporate human resources, managing various workplace cultures and staff.

Lynette’s background in human resources and personal intersectionality with race and feminism gives her the unique competencies to act as a thought leader in transforming corporate environments for an inclusive future.

  • Conduct audits, surveys, and small group interviews, to determine opportunities to enhance DEI effectiveness.
  • Conduct cultural assessments to determine whether an organization’s expressed expectations, behaviors, and philosophy about DEI are experienced in the same way at multiple levels of the organization.
  • Promote policies and procedures to support DEI progress and identify adjustments to current policies to minimize impediments to long-term culture change.
  • Train and coach to support diverse and inclusive teams and leadership. Topics include team building, leadership, cognitive and implicit biases, negotiation, business development, burnout, and more.
  • Provide program support including dashboards, scorecards and analytic support to measure progress over time and inflection points of success.
  • Design communications strategies for engagement with employees, shareholders, boards, clients, and community.
  • Develop innovative initiatives including partnership programs to encourage vendor diversity.
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To increase profitability, create an engaged and inclusive workforce, and become an employer of choice, acting boldly on shared goals become critical to the success of the organization.

We help organizations develop strategies for DEI, offering tailored, practical and sustainable approaches to help our clients achieve their goals. We look at your organization’s  priorities, habits and systems when identifying your path forward.

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“I am committed to helping leaders find ways to create an inclusive environment based on mutual respect, regardless of race, disparity and diversity. My passion is to help communities come together supporting each other, not just for the sake of appearances, but for the sake of humanity”.


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